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The Cunning Little Vixen

Leoš Janáček


Presented by:


Best Classical Performance of 2011:

In this sublime silliness, the orchestra rediscovered its mission: making live music that’s necessary and irreproducible.

It seems unlikely we’ll soon encounter a stronger vision of ‘Vixen…


Original Production:

Doug Fitch Director
Alan Gilbert Conductor
Karole Armitage Choreographer
Edouard Getaz Producer

A production created by Giants Are Small

G. W. Mercier & Doug Fitch Scenic Design
Clifton Taylor Lighting Design
Doug Fitch Costume Design
Cookie Jordan Make-up Designer


Alan Opie Forester
Melissa Parks Forester’s Wife / Owl
Keith Jameson Schoolmaster/Mosquito
Wilbur Pauley Badger/Parson
Joshua Bloom Harašta, a poultry dealer
John Kawa Pásek, an innkeeper
Tammy Petty Mrs.Pásková, innkeeper’s wife
Jennifer Bates Pepík, the Forester’s grandson
Serena Benedetti Frantík, Pepík’s friend
Noah Sadik Young Vixen
Isabel Bayrakdarian Vixen
Marie Lenormand Fox
Kiki Porter Cricket
John Albert Grasshopper
Yves Mervin-Leroy Frog
Kelley O’Connor Lapák a dog
Emalie Savoy Cock/Jay
Devon Guthrie Chocholka a hen
Lacey Bentler Woodpecker
Kristen Kane Hens
Helen Karloski Hens
Margarita Martinez Hens
Erica Powell Hens
Elena Williamson Hens
Jane Albert Butterfly/Cricket cover
Seth Ewing Crystal Chipmunk/Frog cover
Dylan Hamme Hedgehog
Richard Hausman Bird Boy
Andrea Morokutti Moth/Grasshopper cover
Anthony Pedone Beetle
Neel Najarajan Dragonfly/Young Vixen cover
Sofus Rose Rabbit
Emily Wagner Terynka


Jimmy Smith Assistant Director
John Rourke Conners Assistant Set Designer
Bennyroyce Royon Assistant Choreographer
Laine Goerner Stage Manager
Teri Jo Fuson Assistant Stage Manager
Tim McLoraine Supertitles design
Nicholas DeMaison Ambiant Soundscape
Pete Bothner-By (Staging Techniques) Projections technician
Roxana Ramseur, Lianne Schuur Administration, coordination
Carol Getaz Public relations
Lee Clayton Props master & logistics
David Burke Costume Supervisor
Roxana Ramseur Assistant Costume Designer/Costume Engineer
Marit Aagaard Costume Crafts Head
Kelli Haase Wardrobe Mistress
Mia Bednowitz Costume Shopper and Stitcher
Mariela Novoa Stitcher/Dresser
Matt Kessler Crafts Assistant
Virginia Ohnesorge Stitcher

Thingmakers (in alphabetical order):

Isabel Becerra
Sophia Janowitz
Kirsten Mathas
Kate Noll
Seemo Perretti
Michael Shannon
Julieta Talavera
Kirche Zeile

Cook Shaw Child fit model

Jeff Fender Dyer
Rob Ritter Shopper

Trees, scrims and stage extension constructed by Tom Carroll Scenery

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